Courses & Workshops: Il Corpo Cantante

Non-residential 1 day workshops (UK).
Residential (optional) 3, 5 and 7 day courses with public performance (UK/abroad).

Unlike many workshops and courses, Il Corpo Cantante is run according to a consistent set of principles held in common by Marco Ozbic and Ashley Stafford. Students never leave confused by conflicting advice as can often happen.

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Singers report vocal, physical and psychological benefits from their workshop experience including improved vocal range, a better balanced and more aware, aligned body plus help with self esteem and confidence. They also find the courses professional, life-affirming, holistic, personlised and effective.

Participants come from diverse musical backgrounds and all levels of experience and ability: each difference becoming an opportunity to learn, advance and develop.


  • are osteopathic, physiological and acknowledge the underlying connectivity between music, sound and the singer’s physical instrument
  • are based in the unity of mind and body, and work to develop the singer’s relationship with the self and that self within the total environment of our lives including our physical environment, personal relationships and music


The purpose of these workshops is for each individual to be sung by the music and to inhabit the song. To discover in oneself a truly healthy vocal production that fully expresses the music at every level and which is itself a manifestation of good vocal technique, rather than the acquisition of good vocal technique being a goal in itself.


By focussing attention in and on our body processes we can access a holistic mode of consciousness which is complementary to the analytical. This mode is non-linear, simultaneous and intuitive rather than verbalintellectual. It is concerned more with relationships than with discrete elements that are related. This mode of consciousness is a way of seeing, tasting, feeling and as such can only be experienced in its own terms.

Ultimately it embraces the purely analytic method but is not subject to it, which is the opposite of a purely analytic mode of consciousness which survives and rejoices in rejecting the holistic mode.

Upcoming courses and workshops

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